About Us

       Our company was established in 1963 on Silom Road near Dejo Intersection. We started off as a retailer of imported consumer goods. In those days, our customers were from various areas in Bangkok. Not only were there retail customers, but there were also hotels purchasing our products as well. Three years after the company was established, we began to directly import products from the United States. The products we initially imported included canned beans and peas, tomato paste, canned fruits and fruit juices, vegetable juices, black and green olives, etc. Our business was growing rapidly. 

       Later on, we began to increase our portfolio by adding mustard and spices, as well as other sauces. American household products were the next product line that we expanded on to. The examples of household products that we have been carrying included spray starch, detergent for machine wash, wood polish spray, etc. In addition to household products, we also offer kitchen necessities like aluminum foil, baking sheets, and plastic wraps.

Besides American consumer goods, we have also been importing consumer goods from Germany, India, and China. In 1981, Dejo Grocery became the distributor of Thai Glico, Japanese biscuit and chocolate brand. In 1988, we have established a new company, Dejo Company Ltd., as the distributor of Glico products.  As one of the major distributors in Thailand, we sell our products through all leading stores including major supermarkets, modern trades, minimarts and all kinds of wholesalers and retailers.

       For over half a century, Dejo Group has been offering only the best products and services to our customers. No matter how long the time has passed, we will make sure to uphold our standard and put our best effort in serving our customers.
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